by Artist Paulette Kinney

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fa la la Mr. and Mrs. Dear Rabbit Christmas Cards and Prints

I have just loved creating these watercolor Christmas cards.   Just the sound of Fa la la makes me happy and what better way to convey your Christmas spirit than that little saying.   The anthropomorphic couple, ( meaning that the animals have human characteristics :), are all dressed up for a holiday party or just to say to you Fa la la Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   The pretty rabbit girl is even toasting you with a little bubbly and sparkling champagne.

I've created envelope liners to dress them up even further.  I usually create the design to fit the liner and it's not easy.   I like to use a text weight shimmering paper to print them on and then, surprise!, I hand cut them and make sure that the top point is rounded just so.    I know !   I'm a dinosaur !   I do prefer to develop, print and cut my designs here in my studio.   I rarely use an outsource printer.  Most of my competitors are faster and they use them, but for me I like my hand on each and every item.   Do I seem slow....yes....but I try to make it worth the wait in detailed and lovely finish work that no outsource printer or someone who sells invitations for $1.00 could ever produce.   Sure they could do them for nothing but I do prefer to make my living this way.  I have clients who have ordered Christmas cards from me every year for ten years.   Isn't that the nicest compliment !

I hope everyone loves my deer and rabbit couple as much as I do.   Again, it's those fine details that make me swoon.  So much so the first printing usually goes home with me from the studio that first evening so I can google and gaggle over it.   Yes, I prop it on my nightstand and while I might be watching American Horror Story I look over at my little card and swoon all over again.   Am I crazy, yes,.....but a good crazy, in love with what I can accomplish sitting in my little studio as the hours and days pass by, happy as a loon!

Here's to hoping you'll love the cards and the happy little print for your Christmas offerings.   Visit them at my Etsy shop at .    This is the first time in fourteen years I've offered FREE SHIPPING so hoping that it helps with your shopping and gifting.   The holidays will be here before we know it.


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Pretty In Pink La Vie En Rose Swan Lake Cards, Prints and Invitations

While I was developing my wedding crests water color line I went off in a new direction to create this pretty misty pink card and print design.   I just loved how it came out and decided to expand on it to offer the lined envelopes and also a print and even a wedding or shower invitation design printed on beautiful Italian, handmade, deckle edge papers.   That paper is so yummy !   The mill in Italy that makes it has been making it for over 200 years in the same way they have always done it.   Isn't that amazing!  I've offered their ruffle edged envelopes for years now but have never used their lovely papers for invitations, preferring my Lettra for its natural weight and softness.   The popularity of deckle edge papers is so justified and I'm so happy to be able to offer it to my clients who want that pop of something different and ultra amazing for their wedding or special event.  Paired with the gorgeous matching envelopes you just can't beat the quality of loveliness it creates for your guests to receive, and to make your event the best of the season.  

This pretty La Vie En Rose would be lovely for anyone who loves pink and ballet.   The print for your boudoir or a little girl's room would be lovely also.    You can view this new design in my Etsy shoppe at 

  Don't pass up the chance to have me create a custom logo crest for you if you want something different.  Please read my previous blog magazine entry.   

 Let me know what you think by leaving a comment if you like.   I hope to see you soon !
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