by Artist Paulette Kinney

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Fall Front Porch Decor at My Home

 I love fall and what better way to welcome the season than decorating my front porch.   I think sometimes we remodeled and expanded the porch and installed the pretty front door just so that I could decorate for the seasons ahead.   We grew our own pumpkins this year and I have to say it was so rewarding !   The pumpkins we purchased last year were expensive so when it came time I put them in our side garden over the winter and come late spring this year they had deflated and started to sprout.   The Cinderella pumpkins in the aqua green, maybe called Ghost Pumpkins are my favorite.   I have two bright orange which we placed on the haybales facing out to the main street and should be able to harvest a few more of those and some whites in a few more days.    I hope you enjoy it and feel inspired.


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