by Artist Paulette Kinney

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Bridgerton Lady Whistledown Regency Diorama Gatefold with Lilac Shimmer Envelopes Set of Four with Ribbon Tie

I was crazy in love with the newest season of Bridgerton on Netflix.  I think I binge watched it over a weekend and then I replayed the parts I loved,   I was so inspired to create these cards and invitations !

Here is what I've written for the listing in my Etsy shoppe:  "Join the ‘Ton’ and Lady Whistledown for a delightful soiree at Bridgerton. This beautiful diorama gatefold card has many options and can serve as a fun card to send out to friends or a lovely invitation to a shower, soiree, dinner party, birthday, Sweet 16 or afternoon tea event.

Set of four, 8.5 x 6.5 gatefold cards, with lovely shimmering Lilac envelopes . When fully opened to reveal the Bridgerton scene the card is 11 x 8.5. The diorama card is tied to close with a beautiful lux satin ribbon in shimmering Lilac."  

Of course I will design the text to suit your event as usual. 

Let me know if you like them.  Many many hours of work goes into creating these dioramas.  A true labor of love. I tried to make mine as authentic to the characters I loved so that the viewer will immediately know who this artwork is all about.   Here is the listing if you'd like to make the purchase.  

Bridgerton Invitations and Cards

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