by Artist Paulette Kinney

Friday, October 9, 2020

Making Madagascar Vanilla Extract for Special Christmas Gifting

 I’m making Madagascar Vanilla today.  ðŸŒ». One with actual Bourbon and the other with Vodka.  The flasks are large so I thought I would test it out and then next week make several 8.5 oz. in either to gift for Christmas.  It’s so easy to split the vanilla bean and add to your choice of liqueur.    It has to age for at least 4 weeks before it’s ready.  Are you on my Christmas list ?  heh heh Ho Ho Ho🎄 🎅🏻

Easy recipe:

Purchase Madagascar Vanilla Beans from here  Purchase flip top bottles here  Your choice of size.  
Use a nice smooth, aged Bourbon or good Vodka.  Soap and scald you’re bottles and dry thoroughly.
Pour in your choice of liquor, slit the vanilla beans length wise, and open a bit.   Don’t scrape out seeds, but leave in place.  Depending on the size of bottle you have chosen, use one bean cut in half for 4.5oz. Or two to three beans for larger bottles.  Tighten cap and let age for at least 4 weeks or more.  Shake everyday to encourage distribution of flavor.  Enjoy in all of your baked goods and put a label on and gift 🎁 to loved ones who love to bake with the best ingredients 🎄🎅🏻

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